Frequently Asked Questions

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Our team have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to give you instant access to the information you need.

  • How does it compare to a real grass?

    Artificial grass requires very little maintenance. The yarn has been improved to provide a realistic soft feel in comparison to natural grass. It is more durable as thatched thin fibres are incorporated to maintain an upright look. Colours are extremely comparable as we now manufacturer artificial grass with up to 7 mixed greens and differing pile heights allow clients to select the best cut.

  • What is involved in a full installation?

    Excavation through to installation of the new surface. This requires a combination of groundwork, Landscaping and carpet fitting skills. Generally we will excavate the grass and sod to a depth of 6" or 12" to ensure we are constructing a stable sub base this will depend on the stability of the soil. We insert a frame which is generally timber, UPVC or cement allowing the synthetic surface to be pinned or glued on completion. The sub base construction will consist of 2 or 3 different aggregates (compacting materials preferred - type 1 hard core limestone graded 40mm, 20mm and fines to dust) depending on final levels. Each layer must be suitably compacted and rolled. Final layer is screened by hand.Artificial Grass surface is laid and stretched to the perimeters. Seam tolerance is as per manufacturer specification of 2mm. Dress and cleanse on completion. A 10 year installation warranty in place.

  • Do you offer a supply and installation service?

    Yes. However please note when considering supply only the surface is expensive and we will not be held liable by third parties performing poor installations.

  • Do I need to maintain my artificial grass?

    With most surfaces you will only need to sweep any garden debris away. For sports surfaces that require an infill you will need to broom the surface vigorously 2 to 3 times a month to stop the infill from clogging up and causing the surface to turn hard.

  • How is it secured?

    Most of our residential and commercial products are Non infill surfaces and they require a frame to glue or pin on whereas sports surfaces are weighted by the amount of silica sand/ rubber pushed into the pile. For commercial applications were we are unable to adhere to the floor we use double sided adhesive outdoor tape.

  • How long does installation take?

    Every job is bespoke so we generally work to our customer's timeframe. Residential work is straight forward and averages at 20 square metres per day, however for commercial roll outs we have covered 2000 square metres in a day as we commit more resources to time sensitive projects.

  • The installation location suffers from poor drainage is this a problem?

    No, the surface has a holed latex backing so the rain water needs to drain through the sub base. There are many ways to improve the drainage from simple measures such as increasing the depth of crushed rock to installing perforated ducting and connecting into main drains. We can offer many solutions.

  • Can you lay the surface directly on my lawn?

    Yes, but Gorgeous Grass would not undertake the work as the finish would be particularly poor. The Artificial Grass smooth finish is only achieved from the base up. A poor base generally means a poor finish and we would not want to put our name to it.

  • Can the surface be any shape?

    Yes, natural lawns are beautiful as the perimeters are well contoured complimenting the particular features around them. A well shape lawn will enhance the beauty of your garden.

  • Will the Artificial Grass surface need to be in-filled?

    It will only need an infill if you choose the polypropylene sports surface (see products). Certain surfaces require an in-fill to match the characteristics of the playing surface. Football surfaces have a rubber infill. Tennis surfaces have a sand infill, etc. In-fill levels are determined by the manufacturer after rigorous testing with an approved body such as FIFA or the FA. Most lawn and play surfaces do not require an infill as it is not practical and causing un-wanted maintenance.

  • How do you install it to concrete or a solid base?

    Simply rolled out and glued down. Inserting the holes is the only challenge. We do offer a sports absorbency layer. This is requested by academies to provide a similar feel to natural grass. I believe the ball roll is better than a natural green as it is true and consistent every time.

  • Is the surface guaranteed?

    Yes the surface has a 7-10 year guarantee. The guarantee is determined by the application and manufacturer. All our play surfaces have a 10 year guarantee. All our lawn surfaces have a 10 year guarantee. Sports surfaces generally have a 7 year guarantee.

  • Is the surface pet friendly?

    Yes!! The surface has a strong latex backing which gives it good protection against pets.

  • What if my pet does its mess on the surface?

    No problem you can simply pick up the large pieces and allow the rainwater to wash the residue. The molecular structure of the yarn inhibits anything attaching to it, so do not worry about stains or dirt remaining on the artificial grass.

  • Do all surfaces require sand?

    No, see our products section to see which is the correct surface for you.

  • Does the odd shape of my garden cause a problem?

    No we can tailor the surface to your garden.

  • How does water affect the grass?

    Water will have no adverse effect on the surface whatsoever, the rain will disperse through the surface and aggregate base.

  • Which is the best surface?

    It is all down to personal choice and the planned use (see products) all our surfaces perform superbly well.

  • How long will it last?

    Artificial grass is extremely durable. Surfaces that have been installed over 15 years ago are perfectly in tact. Well maintained and appropriately used your surface will last a lifetime.

  • Do you come out and give quotes?

    On some occasions a site visit is necessary but to try and keep costs down we will ask for pictures via e-mail. In most cases, we are able to give a quote over the phone.

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